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Latest Updates on Downtown Whitehall Revitalization: Key Development Projects Unveiled

Whitehall, MI – Downtown Whitehall is undergoing significant transformations as construction crews make headway on multiple fronts to enhance the urban landscape and public amenities. This week’s developments have seen progress across several key areas, including the quaint Pocket Park and the practical upgrades at Goodrich Park.

Pocket Park Enhancements

Adjacent to local favorites Catchmark and Bell’s Furniture, the serene Pocket Park is soon to feature new, concrete seat walls and a fully functional bathroom, aiming to provide visitors a place to relax and enjoy the downtown scenery. This week, water service installations were completed, and excavations for the seat walls began, setting the stage for a more welcoming community space.

Goodrich Park Developments

The parking lot at Goodrich Park saw extensive activity with the removal of three diseased trees, ensuring visitor safety and clearing space for additional parking. The groundwork for the expansion includes the installation of a silt fence, removal of old pavement, and careful management of the topsoil, priming the area for further enhancements.

Additionally, the fishing pier at Goodrich Park is getting a complete overhaul. The old deck has been removed, and preparations are underway to install new pilings, ensuring the pier remains a favorite spot for fishing enthusiasts and scenic seekers alike.

Upcoming Activities

Looking ahead to the week of April 29, the focus will be on installing electrical frameworks for enhanced lighting in Goodrich Park’s parking lot and grading the area for optimal use. Concrete seat walls will also be poured at Pocket Park, marking significant milestones in these projects.

The following week, beginning May 6, will see the continuation of concrete work in Pocket Park and further grading at Goodrich Park’s parking lot. Additional concrete curbs and sidewalk repairs are scheduled, along with the commencement of the new deck installation at the fishing pier, promising improved facilities and aesthetics.

Community Enhancement

These efforts not only aim to beautify Downtown Whitehall but also to enhance community interaction and enjoyment of the town’s public spaces.

Brent is the Managing Partner of CatchMark and has been a technologist for more than 15 years. During that time he has served in diverse leadership roles. At his core, Brent is a problem solver who chose technology because of the diverse and challenging problems it provides. He is currently a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with an emphasis in Cyber Security.

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