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Renown Illustrator Scott Rosema comes to the Arts Council of White Lake

Renown Illustrator Scott Rosema comes to the Arts Council of White Lake to demonstrate his drawings, talk about what he sees on the paper, and have a few laughs along the way.

The Arts Council of White Lake, located in downtown Whitehall between Bell’s Clearance Center and CatchMark Technologies, is a jewel of the community.

Not only are local artists’ work put on display and available for purchase – the Arts Council hosts classes, demonstrations and free events.

On Saturday, Feb. 24 2024, cartoon and comic book artist Scott Rosema came to the Council for a free demonstration.

Rosema has worked for studios such as Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, Disney, Marvel and DC Comics, etc. He has drawn for TV series such as Batman the Animated Series, Looney Tunes, and X-Men Adventures.

Drawing starts with pencil, paper and some basic shapes.

Rosema begins by imagining what he intends to create. Seeing the characters we all love staring up at him from a blank sheet of paper. Then using his pencil, the choice tool of an artist, designs from the most basic shapes of the character, the position and angles of the face or body. Starting with more broad features like the rough shape of a head and the eyeline of the character, while applying his knowledge of anatomy to make sense of the size and distance of all the features. Detailing the drawing further he adds things that are iconic to the character, Batman’s cape, mask, ears, and the instantly recognizable symbol placed on his chest.

Using the outline created, Rosema adds confident final lines to show the distinct features the character is known for. Each line defining the character’s borders, occasional shading that adds immense depth to an already impressive creation. Bringing out the image he was able to visualize from the start with a blank sheet of paper.

After shapes are put down, the drawing starts taking shape right before your eyes. “It’s all a matter of exaggerating everything, and then bringing it to life,” said Rosema. Much of what is put on paper is all in Rosema’s imagination. He can see what the drawing will be before he starts.

When asked what character he has drawn the most, Rosema immediately answered Batman. From visiting schools to comic conventions, he estimates he has drawn over 1000 pictures of Batman. “[Batman] is burned into my bat-brain so to speak.”

Rosema was using multicolor pencils for his demonstration “[Just] for you all to see what I’m doing better. You can get these just about anywhere.” When asked about what his favorite drawing tool was – he responds with “a basic pencil”, continuing further noting how it’s visual appealing to him, “Sharpening it to a fine point and pressing it against the paper.” He was able to illustrate how a simple tool can offer a wonderful aesthetic to those who choose to learn to wield it.

For more demonstrations, classes and information, visit the Arts Council of White Lake’s website.

Courtney Jimison joined the CatchMark team in November 2022 as a Digital Media Specialist, and creates most non SportsNet content. From social media management to graphic design, there is no challenge she is afraid of. She attended GVSU and majored in Film & Video Production with a minor in Photography.

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